The Devil is in the Eggs

Today was a ‘potluck’ at work. Not that it was really luck. With so few of us we tend to assign dishes rather than having our luck be full of dessert and no real food. So while I was assigned to bring fruit salad, I had a case of sleeplessness last night that resulted in deviled eggs. OMG – you would have thought that no one had ever made these before! Which just isn’t the truth…I made some last week and took them to the office and they disappeared faster than a group of baseball playing kids scatters at the sound of breaking glass! Anyway, after many compliments, I decided I should share my ‘secret’ recipe with the world. It isn’t really a secret. I made it up as I went along.

First you must start with eggs. Notice I didn’t say ‘fresh’ eggs. You need them a little older so they peel easier. Hard boil them using your method of choice. Yes, I have a way that I like to do it. But so does everyone’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother…just boil them. Hard boil. You want those yolks done.

Slice them nicely in half. Pop out the yolks into a shallow bowl. Reserve the whites off to the side on a work surface. It’s not time yet to put them on the serving plate!
With a fork, mash the yolks until they are all crumbly. Add a good dollop of mayonnaise; a quarter of that size dollop of mustard. I prefer plain, yellow mustard. If you must know, I used French’s. I am picky about my mayo too: I only like Best Foods. I think those in the Midwest and East call it Hellman’s?
Next: finely mince (and I mean as fine as you can get it!) some red onion and green bell pepper. If you don’t mince it fine, it will clog the pastry bag and frosting tip. (Yes, I’ll explain that in a second!). Mix this into the egg mixture until well blended.

Turning your attention back to the egg whites, sprinkle them ever so slightly with seasoning salt and chili powder. If you want you can use the hot powder, but I use just regular mild chili powder. Now you can move them over to your serving plate or transport container.

Grab a pastry bag and a large holed tip from your cake decorating box. If you don’t have one, well, then improvise. I like to use tip #199. Fill the bag and get to piping. You can make swirls or rising puffs of yolky-goodness.

Lastly, for color and because I like the flavor, garnish with a single (washed!) cilantro leaf. Or Italian parsley if that suits you better.

Then stand back…these little devils fly off the plate!

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