In 30 days…

“30 days hath September…
April, June and November…”

I remember sitting with Grandma on the window seat in the farm-house, looking out to the eastern field, as she recited this mnemonic poem over and over to me until I learned it too. Truthfully, I thought she had made it up. It wasn’t until I was in school that I realized it came from somewhere else, much older than she. There is even a version in medieval literature, I’ve discovered.
We would sit like this and she would recite or sing to me little songs that are with me to this day. “Count your blessings” and Psalm 23. A poem about ice cream, because we were making up stories about the pictures we saw in the clouds, and she thought one looked like an ice cream cone. Grandma used words that others didn’t. Chesterfield (a unique northern CA term) instead of couch, bureau instead of dresser, or larder instead of pantry. She encouraged me to learn a new word every day. She firmly believed that a strong and large vocabulary was one of the keys of a successful person. She herself didn’t have opportunities for higher education, but she saw its value and made sure her two children (my father and my aunt) accomplished what she couldn’t. But I digress…

“Thirty days” has another meaning for me today.

In 30 days…my life will make a sudden turn. In 30 days, I will end one very long chapter volume of my life and turn towards the next new and exciting adventure.
In 30 days, in 30 days…a quiet chant in the back of my mind as I hang the laundry out to dry, as I sweep the floor, as I scrub the sink…
In 30 days, I will leave my employer of the last 21+ years and put the final touches on packing and preparing for a cross-country move. Two thousand-two hundred-twenty-five miles and some change, per the online map…from California to Indiana. From having a mortgage the runs my life to having a life without a mortgage. From the relative security of a regular job to being my own task-master. From knowing where the next check will come from to needing to make every penny count and counting it twice before letting it go.

Am I afraid? To quote Grandma, “There is no fear when God is near.”
Am I the least bit sad? Maybe a little – to leave what remains of family here, and friends who felt like family.
Am I excited? Absolutely!
I have been described as responsible and level headed…and this action, this 2,225+ mile trip is about the most opposite thing anyone can think of me doing. And yet it is those traits that I believe will help me the most as this new adventure begins.

In 30 days, in 30 days, in 30 days…

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2 Responses to In 30 days…

  1. Tye says:

    In 30 days we will be together on our new and improved farm. We will be living the dream. Making our wishes into realities. In 30 days, life begins anew.

  2. allyn says:

    i’m thrilled for you. we have rare opportunities in life to fulfill life long dreams and ahve our personal stars aligned to find them as a choice and not handed to us by a fortunate accident. good luck. sending best wishes knowing your success is eminent.

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