Attitude adjustment (courtesy of Willie Nelson)

I can’t believe that the month of November has almost passed and I haven’t made a single post. In my defense, it has been a difficult month to say the least, and right now I am clinging to the list of things I am thankful for in order to get through each day. To quote Willie Nelson, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

I am blessed: to have been able to move near my brother, his wife and children and her extended family.  After so many years without, this holiday season will be celebrated with family.

I am blessed: to have the basics of what I need. I read somewhere that instead of being mournful for what I don’t have, I should be grateful for what I don’t have that I wouldn’t want. Think on that a second. Oh yeah…so many things there!

I am blessed: to have landed in a community that has an active group of people who think like we do. People that believe that a healthy community is a strong community, both physically and in spirit. People who reach out to help each other in their times of need or just to lend a helping hand to get a difficult job done.

I am blessed: to be able to stay connected with those I left behind.  When we were preparing to leave, there were a few who I worried about and thought I would hear from more often; and others that I didn’t realize would care so much. The latter became the positive lifeline I needed as I have dealt with huge adjustments which often blind-side me.

I am blessed: by all the little things. Like pennies in a jar, they add up to more than I thought and more than fills the immediate need. Each little thing reinforces that we are where we are meant to be and that gives me comfort when doubt tries to sneak in.

I am blessed…to have a list of things so long that I couldn’t possibly put them all here. While I continue to be thankful for my list, tell me: what are you thankful for?

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1 Response to Attitude adjustment (courtesy of Willie Nelson)

  1. Carol says:

    You, my dear friend! Hang in there. God always makes lemonade out of our lemons. =)

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