I believe that if we didn’t have down times, low times, or sad times, then we couldn’t fully appreciate the up times, the high times or the joyous times we encounter. Today was a reminder of that.

Tye had gone out to walk along the outer pasture areas to look for…well, it doesn’t really matter. What he found was our cat, Jinx, deceased. It was recent, as he wasn’t soaked by the steady rain we had experienced. It didn’t look like foul play or fowl play (please allow me a farmer pun); in fact he appeared completely intact. In fact, it was as if he had suffered a heart attack and died. No sign of struggle (thank goodness). Tye had to come inside and tell me. At first it didn’t register. And then it hit me.

Jinx was born as an outdoor kitten. We had been looking for an unusual cat – and Jinx filled the bill nicely. He was polydactyl – also called a Hemingway cat. He was just 3 toes shy of the world record; he looked like he had double hands; he could pick up a tennis ball with a single paw. His tail was a full-sized tail that was twisted and knotted internally so that he appeared to have an overgrown bunny puff and not a real tail at all. He was a big kitty: close to 20 lbs. And a total love. I would hold him in my arms and tell him to “be a baby” and he would lay back, looking at the world upside down and purr in that deep chesty purr that vibrated from deep inside. He liked to sit on me when I was trying to work on my computer. It wasn’t always easy to do, but I’d work around him.

I had never been a cat person. Then along came Jinx and he changed my mind. Tye likes to say that it was because I had never raised one from a kitten. All I know is that I loved that cat – and I know he loved me.

Jinx: I loved you first, I loved you best. You will never, ever be forgotten. Rest in peace…you’ll always be my baby.

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1 Response to Jinx

  1. Tye says:

    He was truly a one of a kind cat.

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