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View over the stone basin

One of the many wonderful and unique places on our land, this is a view over the stone basin area. It would make an awesome natural amphitheater or a secluded place to think.

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In the middle

In the middle of October. In the middle of moving. In the mid…west? 

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The Learning Years

To quote a FaceBook post I saw this morning, “Those who say it can’t be done should get out-of-the-way of those who are doing it.” From our experience, we have had to deal with those Negative Nellies who tell us … Continue reading

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In 30 days…

“30 days hath September… April, June and November…” I remember sitting with Grandma on the window seat in the farm-house, looking out to the eastern field, as she recited this mnemonic poem over and over to me until I learned … Continue reading

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Wishing for Fall

I am wishing for fall so badly that I got excited over dry leaves…but the day turned out hot and sunny, over 100° and smacking of summer. I should have known by the reflection that it wasn’t quite here yet…

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Tallow Time

I just finished rendering out batch #2 of beef fat to make tallow. Two down, two to go. The first batch was my learning curve. I realize now I could have rendered so much more if I had ground the … Continue reading

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